Property Management Naples
July 27, 2017

Barbara Billman

I want to tell you again how thankful I am that we have Craig and Jeremy to help with maintaining our home! While we were in the north, our pond/pool helper friend, Gina, noticed a problem with the garage wall. I contacted Craig and he took the ball and ran with it. He coordinated with Gina to have her remove the fish and empty the pond so he could go about totally replacing five feet of my back garage wall. The wall had deteriorated due to water seeping in around the electric connections to the pond. Plus he worked with the electric by encasing the lines in pipe so this will not happen again. Then he had Gina return to fill the pond and return the fish to their home. All of this magically happened from just one email I sent to Craig. The work is beautifully done! I cannot say enough about what a comfort it is to have such peace of mind when Craig and Jeremy are in charge. I know you are proud to have them as part of your team. Thank you and thank them so very much!