Property Management for Condos and Homeowners

Property Managementfor Condos and Homeowners

Seacrest Southwest has been managing Condominium and Homeowner Associations since 1978 and is an accredited management organization, as well as an active member of the Community Association Institute.

Property management for condos and homeowners includes all of the tasks included in property operations, including collecting rent, property marketing, accounting, and handling leases. However, when it comes to managing residential properties such as condos, top-notch property management also requires property maintenance services, which refers to all of the activities involved in the upkeep of your property. No property owner or manager wants to leave any of the critical aspects of building and property maintenance or management to chance.

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Increased PropertyVALUE

At Seacrest Southwest, you can rest assured that all of your condo or homeowner property management needs are being met. One of the ways that optimum property management helps condos and homeowners is with increased property value.  Well-maintained properties will hold value or potentially increase in value. Shoddy repairs or the lack of proper maintenance will always detract from the property’s market value and rental prices. Keeping residents satisfied is of top priority. Poor maintenance of buildings, property, and appliances generates dissatisfied residents and may even break the terms of leases.
Efficient property management programs actually reduce costs. If you think about it, you can save money by minimizing risks, extending the life of appliances and equipment, satisfying residents, and decreasing manual effort. By having an efficient and experienced building maintenance system in place with Seacrest Southwest, you can reduce the time you spend contacting residents and owners, tracking work orders, manually entering data in other software, paying invoices, and dealing with emergencies.
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It’s really no secret that you need to keep your property maintained in order to maximize its value. Still, achieving these benefits requires an ability to communicate with residents and stakeholders, manage work orders, budget for work and supplies, and stay on top of schedules. Effective property management for condos and homeowners requires high-level activities that are handled with experience and professionalism to ensure the best property maintenance.

At Seacrest Southwest, we help with reliable property management experience in many ways, including but not limited to:

Responding To Resident Requests:

As you know, tenants tend to call in at any time with maintenance requests ranging from routine to urgent. As property managers, we might field requests by phone or email, and obviously, some of these requests will occur after typical working hours. Whether changing light bulbs to urgent problems with leaky or clogged plumbing, you need a maintenance management system to consistently provide a convenient way to communicate that satisfies residents. Condo residents also need reliable assurance that somebody is getting the message and addressing their issues promptly. Seacrest Southwest finds that handling phone calls to report and then request information about repairs takes more time than simply handling the repairs.

Scheduling Routine Maintenance:

Our property maintenance managers professionally schedule maintenance tasks, even for routine maintenance like cleaning leaves off the roof or changing HVAC filters every few months. Maintaining properties means keeping expensive systems running, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks, and reducing risks.  With our high-tech maintenance tracking software, we easily spend time following up and in some cases, communicating with tenants and owners. We have building maintenance scheduling protocols that will make sure important deadlines don’t fall through the cracks.

Tracking & Handling Expenses:

Obviously, property managers for condos and homeowners have to make sure that contractors get paid and that all expenses get tracked. Without our integrated maintenance software programs, property management would mean handling all of these tasks manually, and believe it or not, there are still businesses that have not evolved with modern technology! The Seacrest Southwest optimum tracking and handling software allows us to be on task 100% of the time. Our building maintenance with accounting programs and other software were developed specifically for the community management industry, and are in compliance with the AICPA.

Seacrest SouthwestSERVICES

We value a very high standard for all of our properties as well as for our employees who manage them. All of the community managers with Seacrest Southwest hold Florida licenses and maintain them by completing continuing education courses every year.

The tasks and duties assigned to each community manager are by association and can include:

  • Budget preparation
  • Weekly property inspections
  • Supervision of landscape, janitorial and pool maintenance
  • Solicitation of bids for major projects
  • Insurance review and replacement
  • Preparation of notices, agendas and meeting minutes
  • Enforcement of rules and regulations
  • Act as a resource for homeowner questions, complaints and suggestions

Choosing the right property management for condos and homeowners can make or break your real estate investment. Seacrest Southwest has provided unparalleled services to condominium associations and community associations for 35 years of five star reviews! Most other companies make the same claims but don’t follow through with their promises. At Seacrest Southwest we keep our promise to uphold the highest standards and find solutions for any property management need.

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