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November 5, 2019

Property Management You Can Trust

When hiring a commercial property manager, you need someone who can be on top of the management duties and supervising activities. Southwest Property Management not only offers these services but excels at them! Southwest Property Management offers top quality association management and maintenance programs along with various specialized services that ensure your commercial property prospers! Southwest Property Management offers a hands-on management system that understands how significant the duties are and executes a wide array of tasks to manage your offices, retail units, industrial sites, or other commercial tenants.

Services that Southwest Property Management provides for managing commercial properties include:

  • Collecting rent 
  • Negotiating leases 
  • Keeping financial records 
  • Promptly responding to tenant issues 
  • Processing payrolls 
  • Paying insurance 
  • Paying mortgages
  • And much more! 

By hiring Southwest Property Management as your commercial property manager, you minimize your risk while maximizing your investment! Southwest Property Management has experience with commercial properties that can provide you with professional guidance and assistance to protect and grow your investment. You value your investment, and so do we, which is why we’re passionate about providing our insights to benefit your commercial property for years to come! 

Rent Collecting 

A common stressful process for new commercial property owners is rent collecting. Between accounting and the time investment portion, along with late payments and evictions, this process can be a daunting experience. Southwest Property Management takes out all of the stress of rent-collecting by handling the process for you! Southwest Property Management has your best interest by managing how rent is collected and handling evictions if needed. By having a commercial property manager, a buffer can be created between you and tenants to maintain a professional relationship. 

Property Maintenance 

When you hire Southwest Property Management to manage your commercial property, you’re also getting a management team that will keep your property looking pristine to hold and even increase its value. Your property’s upkeep is a priority, but it can be costly and time consuming. Hiring Southwest Property Management grants you access to our maintenance team and our network of relationships with licensed and bonded contractors who have already gained our trust for their quality work. Keep your new commercial property looking new, and keep both tenants and customers happy with a clean and aesthetically pleasing commercial property. 

If you’re ready to save time while increasing your investment’s value, contact Southwest Property Management by calling us today at (239) 261-3440 or visiting our office in Naples on 1044 Castello Drive in Suite 206. If you’re looking for a new management team to provide you excellent accounting, maintenance, and janitorial services, get in touch with us today!