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Seacrest Southwest has provided services to commercial properties and construction projects in Southwest Florida for 35 years. In addition, we offer top-notch association management and maintenance programs, advisory services to lenders and developers, plus a variety of specialized services.

A commercial property manager handles non-residential properties ranging from offices, retail spaces and storage facilities, to shopping centers and industrial buildings. Commercial property management is similar to residential property management in that it encompasses the tasks and responsibilities of operating an income-producing property.

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In general, commercial property managers have less hands-on tasks once the commercial space is leased than other types of managers, since many commercial tenants of spaces like offices, retail units and industrial suites often take care of their own general maintenance.

However, with Seacrest Southwest, we offer the rare combination of excellence in both residential as well as commercial property management. We recognize the significance in management duties include collecting rent, negotiating leases, and even supervising cleaning and maintenance activities. As your capable commercial property managers, we can also process payrolls or pay insurance, mortgage and tax bills.
Professional property managers in the commercial sector are becoming more and more common for investors who are either too busy or simply not interested in the challenges of managing a property.  This is why being one of the most highly rated commercial property management companies in South Florida involves being able to prioritize and execute a wide array of tasks.
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Maintenance andMANAGEMENT

Seacrest Southwest executes the most exemplary, superior maintenance and management of commercial spaces by keeping meticulous administrative and financial records, and ensuring that all applicable maintenance, taxes, mortgages and insurance is accurate and updated. We make sure rent is collected, and respond to tenant needs and issues promptly. Our commercial property managers also provide regular reports to property owners, providing regular updates on occupancy, rent roll, and how budgets and investments are doing.

Commercial property management allows you as the owner of a commercial property or business to minimize your risk and allocate your time spent elsewhere, while still maintaining ownership and growing your investment. There are many benefits to utilizing an experienced property management team for your property. Here are some of the benefits for property owners to consider:

Experience and Expertise:

Our trained and experienced team will help you protect your investment and give you an edge over the competition. With years of firsthand experience, local market knowledge, training, and certifications, the qualified Seacrest Southwest team will bring a lot of value to the table.

Collection of Rent:

Being in the position of rent-collecting can become daunting and be a huge time investment. As your commercial property management company, we will handle this step for you, including late fees or evictions if needed, seamlessly providing a buffer between you and the tenant.

Time Management and Workflow:

There are dozens of day-to-day tasks and duties needed to keep a commercial property running smoothly. Our team is available 24/7 to handle these things on your behalf, freeing up your time, keeping your investment safe, and giving you less stress.

Property Maintenance:

Your property’s upkeep is imperative to maintain and grow property value. Hiring our property management team allows you access to our maintenance team and our network of relationships with licensed and bonded contractors who have already gained our trust for their quality work.

Legal Advocates:

Our commercial management team has legal advocates for the many many local, state, and federal laws that you must take into account. In addition, our experienced commercial property managers will have in-depth knowledge of the legal aspects related to your property to ensure you abide by the laws and protect you from any potential lawsuit.

Property Marketing:

Knowing where, how, or when to advertise a property is another strength of a property management company like Seacrest Southwest. We can help attract higher quality tenants, have shorter vacancy cycles, and provide screening of applicants to ensure your property is in the right hands.

Seacrest Southwest of Naples, Florida provides professional guidance and assistance to help you make that new commercial business just like a home! We specialize in all aspects of commercial property management. Property and entity management are among some of our greatest strengths, and we have years of satisfied clients to corroborate. Our years of experience as property owners ourselves also gives us an in-depth and unique understanding of the interests and goals of commercial property owners.

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