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Home Watch
It’s always nice to escape the bitter cold of the north and enjoy paradise here in Naples for the winter season.  But it’s not always paradise when you come home.  Have you ever come home after a long summer to find your a/c not working, lawn overgrown, water stains on the ceiling, broken windows, damaged roof, or even worse, MOLD?  Don’t let bad things like this happen to your home while you’re gone. 
For more than 35 years, Southwest Property Management has provided a reliable and trusted home watch service for Collier and south Lee County residents.  We come into your home as often as you like.  We have a checklist we go over every time we enter your home.  If that’s not good enough, we can customize a checklist just for you.  We want to make sure your home is as beautiful when you arrive as it was when you left. 
We have all heard horror stories about people coming back to Naples just to find their home completely ruined.  We get asked all the time: I didn’t hire a professional to watch my home, is that something I should be concerned about while I’m gone?  Our answer: YES. 
Many people aren’t aware of what can happen in southwest Florida during our hot, steamy, wet and windy summers.  Even an afternoon thunderstorm can produce damaging winds, tornadoes, hail, and torrential rain.  If you don’t have someone checking your home on a regular basis, you could be in for a big surprise when you get home.
Let Southwest Property Management take care of your home away from home.  We look after homes everywhere from East Naples all the way up to Estero.  Anywhere from inland communities to multi-million dollar high rises along our beautiful beaches.  We would be pleased to provide you with our home watch service.  Please contact our office for more information.
We also provide these services:
  • open and close your home
  • hurricane preparation
  • we have our own maintenance division so you won’t have to wait on emergency repairs
  • coordinate repairs with vendors such as a/c workers, appliance repair men, plumbers, roofers, etc.

We are also:
  • bonded
  • insured
  • centrally located in Naples
  • experienced in home watch for over 33 yrs.
state licensed general contractor (Lic. # CGC008341)

Please contact our office for prices and home watch agreement.  Phone 239-261-3440 (ext. 119) or email
We will be more than happy to send you an inspection contract for your consideration, or you may click here to view or download a copy.